19 Potential Topic Ideas For A Macroeconomics Dissertation

When it comes to the dissertation at the end of a course, choosing a topic can be one of the hardest stages. One requires a topic that is new and original and provides a unique point of view. Here are several topics that one can use or build off of to create a work that provides all the necessary elements for a Macroeconomic Dissertation.

  1. Employment rates within a nation and how it affects the economic standing. (For example, one could reflect on how rates shift depending on new economic policies based on the lead in government.)
  2. Brexit effect on the economic stabilization within the EU.
  3. The Demand and Supply shift with the reduction in Oil as a main energy source, and the introduction of renewable energy sources.
  4. The effects of tax elimination amongst businesses, as proposed by US Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson.
  5. The impact of across the board tax reduction on national economies.
  6. The economic implications of the Great Recession and how the consequences remain.
  7. Mass inflation in any nation and how it came to be.
  8. Tourism and its effect on Economies. (For example, how the recent terrorist attacks have reduced tourism in the Middle East nations.)
  9. China's economic standing today and how they have managed to maintain a powerful stance throughout the years. (Economic policies, how they trade, etc.)
  10. Poverty and how it affects the economy. (Through less workers, less income in a family means less purchases in stores, which leads to less production, etc.)
  11. Elimination of foreign trade in the USA and the affects it would cause throughout the rest of the world and all nations’ economy.
  12. The consequences of bailing out Greece and its resounding effect on the EU Nations now.
  13. Reintroduction of the Barter System and its possible outcomes.
  14. Families with one income vs. families with two incomes. (For example, how much money is dispersed through taxes, are one income families better for the economic system than two income families, etc.)
  15. Mass Immigration into EU and the effects on the economy as well as job opportunities.
  16. Elimination of free labor/cheap labor from the USA with the deportation of Mexicans.
  17. USA economical crash impact on the rest of the world.
  18. Unionized labor and the impact on local economies.
  19. Importation of goods vs. home based products.