Handpicked PhD Thesis Topics In Architecture

In order to get your doctoral in architecture, you are going to have to write your thesis. It may take you up to a year to research and to compose. Your subject has to be approved by a committee before you can even begin to think about researching. This very important paper must also have a crisp and fresh topic. We have handpicked PhD topics in architecture for you to consider using for your piece.

Handpicked Thesis Topics

  • Pick a big city like New York or London and trace the iconic buildings and styles for the past 10, 20, or 30 years.
  • Discuss the cons and pros of using certain materials such as metals, concrete, or glass bricks in architecture.
  • Compare and contrast two great palaces, statues, or iconic buildings.
  • Look at the method of digital rendering and how it has impacted the field.
  • Take tow famous architects and compare and contrast them.
  • Look at a style such as Art Deco and then look at cities, such as Miami, impacted by this style.
  • Look at the Mansion craze, and see what drives it to have longevity.
  • Look at the old mill towns of the South and New England, and see how the styles were conducive to the industry.
  • Some of these cities still exist; so you will be able to explore them.
  • Look at the relationship between architecture and climate or architecture and a culture.
  • You can select a style or a material from the Ancient civilization and discuss them, or you can compare and contrast two different Ancient civilizations.
  • Look at Stonehenge or the Ancient pyramids and the proposed ideas of construction and roles they played.
  • Compare and contrast two different time periods such as Victorian and Gothic and the buildings during those times. You will need to be very aware of the characteristics of the time period that you select and then pick some of the more iconic buildings of the time.
  • War monuments are oddly enough, pieces of architecture and they often tell a story of the style and designs of the times such as the Iwo Jima or Arc deTriomphe. Pick three to five of these that greatly contrast, but also have comparisons and explore them and the creators.
  • Another odd place to observe is a cemetery. You can see the changes in design and construction as the cemetery grows and more land is purchased and more people are buried. It is a testament to changes in design in the oddest of ways.