Selection of 13 Great Thesis Topics in Philosophy of Education

Each civilization has their own set of beliefs and values. Even though there will always be some common points of belief among two communities, there will also definitely be certain points of difference. Therefore, each group of people, community or civilization will have their own beliefs and notions about education. This in turn increases the boundaries of Philosophy of Education as a topic of study or discussion. If you have decided to write your thesis on a topic falling under this broad category, you actually have a vast number of areas which you could explore and discuss in your thesis.

  1. The structure or program of study that a student should follow so that they can learn as much as they want to without limitations.
  2. The importance of having a bilingual teacher so that the learning process becomes easier for the child whose first language is not his or her mother tongue.
  3. The importance of equality in Education so that the disabled students can at least try to learn as much as the normal students.
  4. The growing popularity of homeschooling for those who cannot go to the private or public schools.
  5. Why should the public or private schools follow a dress code for all their students?
  6. Why is it necessary to have teaching democracy in the curriculum of all educational institutes?
  7. The role of technology in today’s education system and how it affects the learning ability of each child.
  8. The importance of being able to write the perfect essay for the college application process as it decides the future of a student.
  9. How should one make a student like school if he or she has a negative behavior towards learning?
  10. The importance of foreign exchange programs so that students get as much exposure as possible to prepare for the world outside.
  11. What should be done to eradicate the problem of illiteracy so that everyone is presented with equal opportunities in life?
  12. How should the schools and colleges teach children to stay away from harmful drug habits?
  13. The importance of the pass fails grading system in education along with its pros and cons.

These topics are few of the most important issues in today’s education system and are surely going to get you good marks or grades. You can also order a cheap thesis and get it done for you fast and secure.