A Collection Of Dissertation Topics In Leadership

Whether you are discussing the role of leaders and chief executives in major businesses you are looking at individuals in positions of power in the world of politics, there are plenty of different ways in which you can discuss the topic such as leadership. In fact, not only do you have the choice of looking at individual roles related to leadership and specific areas where leaders might exist, but you also have topics related to psychology behind leadership, and a range of other related areas connected with the social sciences.

To give you some idea of dissertation topics that you may wish to write about, the following outlines a range of different ideas and suggestions. Feel free to use these ideas for inspiration - either you can adapt them to suit your needs, or perhaps they will help you to think of ideas of your own.

  1. It is often claimed that many leaders in big businesses and politics often have traits that could be linked with psychopathy. Why might these particular traits be advantageous to those in these kinds of positions?
  2. To what extent does the President of the United States have power over decision making, and what aspects of national policy are decided by other aspects of government or even heavily influenced by big businesses and unions?
  3. Are individuals born with an ability to be leaders or is it something that can be effectively learned?
  4. Why do human beings so often look to put individuals into a position of power and leadership in stressful or important situations?
  5. Why is it important to appear decisive and sure of your decisions when in a leadership position?
  6. What drives individuals to aspire to positions of dictatorial leadership within societies, and how do the people allow such individuals to claim power?
  7. How important is language and the words used in speeches when it comes to leadership?
  8. Who was the most important political or religious leader of the 20th century?
  9. To what extent should political leaders and those in positions of power and authority resign as a result of mistakes made by those they lead?
  10. How prevalent is corruption in the world of politics and is it realistically possible to become a leader of a nation without being involved, at least partially, in some underhand or immoral deeds during a political career?