A List Of Great PhD Thesis Topics On Human Resource Management

Many people are aware of the reality that the careers in human resources can be both highly rewarding and prolific. Due to this, it is not surprising why it is regarded as an outstanding option for those who wish to pursue a postgraduate degree. In line with this, when an individual is already close to obtaining his or her degree in human resources management, the final and most crucial step will be completing an A+ doctoral dissertation. A PhD thesis requires original analysis and research, not to mention, it requires an individual to make the latest contribution to the research of efficiently handling personnel in an organization.

Here are some potential PhD thesis topics which you can check out to considerably help you get started in finding the most appropriate subject matter to research on and investigate for your doctoral dissertation presentation:

  1. Tackling human resources budgetary considerations, for instance, readjusting the need for employee training
  2. Analyzing the role of organizational management in terms of working with human resources departments
  3. Investigating the approaches of regulating subjective personal preference among personnel in human resources in charge of hiring as well as interviewing job candidates
  4. Looking for methodologies for methodically enhancing the selection processes for poor employees
  5. Going over both the ethical and the legit facets of sustaining diversity in the workplace
  6. Strategies for employing various human resource management theories in the organizational environments in the real world
  7. Examining and responding to current trends as well as developments in human resource management strategies
  8. Analyzing the linkage between motivation and reward among workers
  9. Investigating the significant impact of worker training and development on company revenue
  10. In what way can human resource management be used to harmonize the procedure in changing the organization?
  11. Examining and determining the capability of human resources departments in driving organizational change
  12. Discuss the importance of employee retention strategy and its possible impact on the organization
  13. What are the most effective ways to recognize and reward hardworking employees?
  14. Investigating employee motivation in medium-sized manufacturing businesses
  15. Analyzing the comparative importance of hard skills and soft skills when choosing candidates for certain job positions

By means of getting ideas from the topics stated above, you can for sure come up with the best possible subject which you would be mostly interested to write and discuss. You can do your research more to broaden your options and to ensure arriving at the perfect topic for you.