17 Up-To-Date Research Paper Topics On Human Body

The human body is a very fascinating entity and some people say that we owe it all to evolution but whatever the reason, studying the biology of the human body is extremely important. Imagine a world where there were no advancements in medicine and other techniques that allowed humans to stay clear of disease. The entire population may not have been as large as it is today so we should respect the manner in which the research of pioneers has shaped the new world we live in.

Because it is necessary to be able to write research papers on the human body I have prepared a list of excellent titles pertaining to this very subject material. The list of seventeen titles will consist of an adequate mix of topics that could give you the opportunity to create a superb essay.

  1. How does tobacco affect the human body and would its effects be lessened if it were not so extensively smoked?
  2. Can certain drugs increase a students ability to focus on their coursework and retain it long afterwards?
  3. If the worlds human population stay away from all the fast foods that they purchase and consume their overall physical and mental state would be greatly affected.
  4. The liver is one of the most important organs in our body. Write a paper describing how essential this organ is to the survival of an animal.
  5. Will a human heart become so capable that it could maintain efficiently a person weighing five hundred pounds?
  6. Why are humans so physically weak when compared to other organisms in the animal kingdom?
  7. What type of evolutionary catalyst had to happen which would have caused us to grow fingers so accurate?
  8. Write about the skin and how it wraps the organism in a sheath of sensations and protection.
  9. Why is it that human hair shares certain chemicals with shellfish and other hard shelled invertebrate?
  10. Define the differences between human sight and the sight of birds and bees.
  11. Explain how shivering helps keep our core temperature up.
  12. Unravel the mysteries surrounding hiccups and explain why other animals with a diaphragm do not experience this.
  13. Show how the bones and skin of certain parts of the body can be hardened to become weapons.
  14. Get your friends to help you map the skin complexion of 100 different people.
  15. Is there a way to tweak human olfactory capabilities closer to that of a dog?
  16. The ability for us to consume alcohol in the quantities we do comes from adaptation.
  17. Define how important blood is with respects to waste removal.