A List Of Intriguing Dissertation Topics In Psychology

Psychology students who are expected to hand in their dissertations will need to think seriously about the work that they are going to do. The following is a list of possible dissertation ideas that can work for you:

  • Discuss the study of psychology as a science
  • Highlight the core discussions that are present in the psychology of religion
  • There are different schools of thought that are associated with social psychology. Discuss
  • Explain some of the key impacts that social psychology has on the society that we live in
  • Highlight some of the key conceptual and historical issues that are associated with psychology
  • The work of Sigmund Freud has always been looked upon as a key point of reference in as far as the field of psychology is concerned. Discuss Freud’s contribution to the study of psychology
  • School uniforms have always been considered to have a psychological angle in different institutions. Discuss the need for or the need to do away with school uniforms
  • Explain the main issues that come up in the psychology of sports, and how these can easily be mitigated so that students can participate in sports, while still performing well in their academics
  • Social psychology has constantly been on an evolutionary path over the years. Discuss some of the main milestones in the timeline of social psychology
  • Discuss the importance of psychoanalytic principles in psychology today, and how these are applicable in the society around us
  • Explain the importance of using empirical research methods when undertaking the study of psychology. Highlight some of the key methods that come to mind
  • Compare and contrast the nature of western psychology and Buddhism
  • Discuss the psychological impact that statistical information has on reports, and address the proper and improper application of such information in reports
  • Explain how developmental psychology has advanced over the years, with an emphasis on the impact of technology on this field of study
  • Discuss, with the correct timelines, the evolution of social psychology over the years
  • Discuss the importance of the study of industrial psychology, citing relevant examples

This is just a list of some easy alternatives. You can think of anything that you have studied in class, and use that knowledge to write a paper that can easily help you score the best grades so far. Remember that in the long run, what matters most is that you address whichever concept you desire effectively.