Five Potential Answers To The Question On How To Start A Dissertation

Writing a dissertation is a laborious work, but starting it is really a thing that often leaves many students at a loss. If you find yourself among such students, you should also learn what to do before setting about writing in order to ease this process.

Five Things You Should Do Before Writing Your Dissertation

  1. Do a lot of reading.
  2. Get classical studies in your chosen area as well as relevant books and articles and start reading. It will broaden your perspective and reveal to you what specific themes you are most interested in. Having read a lot, you will find it easier to exactly formulate your ideas when writing.

  3. Take notes when reading.
  4. Don’t just rely on your memory when reading. Write down the most interesting ideas and references you come across and try to find answers to the questions that arise. Thus you will make your preparation stage more effective.

  5. Get a good thesis sample.
  6. That’s absolutely necessary in order to get an idea how a good thesis should be written. You may ask your instructor to show you some examples or go to the library. Another option is searching for a sample online. You are interested in getting a well-written and original example of a work, so avoid websites which look suspicious or charge a lot for their papers.

  7. Choose an interesting topic.
  8. Interesting is a key word here. You are going to spend quite a lot of time composing your thesis and staying motivated and genuinely interested during this period will help you avoid boredom. Therefore, select a topic which doesn’t leave you indifferent and motivates to carry out research.

  9. Establish your timeline.
  10. Make up a schedule for work from start to finish. How much time you are going to spend on research? By what date will you finish the outline? You don’t have an eternity for writing your dissertation, so make sure that you answer such questions in the schedule. You may find yourself under stress when the submission date approaches otherwise.

One More Tip on Starting to Write

Just start! Don’t worry about your writing being imperfect or having not completed research. The number of sources of information is very high and you will never be able to sort through them all. As far as deficiencies in writing are concerned, you will eliminate them as well as errors later when editing and proofreading your study.