Coming Up With Thoughtful Ideas For A Thesis On Recycling

Recycling, reusing and reducing the carbon footprint are burning topics in today’s world. Thus teachers and instructors try to inculcate and bring to life these valid topics for their students from a very early age. This includes giving them topics on recycling for dissertations and thesis. The reason behind it is that the student needs to research on this topic. This leads to more awareness, and subconsciously they start to adapt to this environmentally conscious lifestyle.

In case the teacher or instructor informs that the recycling dissertation is to be a freelance topic, the student sometimes feels himself or herself at a loss as to what topics can be written about. Here are a few ideas on recycling:

  • a) Disposal of electronic waste
  • b) Dumping of electronic waste and the linkage with health and environmental hazards
  • c) Land filling and recycling of domestic waste
  • d) What materials are hazardous on recycling
  • e) Training and employment of skilled workforce for the cause of recycling
  • f) Recycling and the ship breaking industry
  • g) Cheaper and better technology for recycling
  • h) Efficient means of recycling
  • i) The impact of recycling on the economy as well as the environment
  • j) Should landfill sites be mined for precious metals
  • k) How do environmental laws affect the refuse from construction?
  • l) The ethics of toxic substances being sent to third world countries for recycling
  • m) Solid waste management and the economic impact of it for building treatment plants
  • n) The impact of incineration on the dioxide emission
  • o) How to reduce as well as to recycle office trash
  • p) How should waste solutions be combined with power production
  • q) Why should you recycle

Recycling is not being done to the extent what it should be in today’s world. Therefore, by giving children and young students homework thesis and essays or even freelance dissertations on recycling, the young generation is then more in tune and will do far better to help in recycling than the previous generation.

However, these essays though should be done in the spirit of the homework and not just as term homework which needs to be completed. When freelance research on these topics is done, the topics literally come to life, and the issue becomes personal to the student. It no longer remains a term that is often heard but it literally leaps out of the books and into life.