List Of 15 PhD Thesis Topics About The Use Of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy has come to the forefront of the world’s energy sources. It provides a nearly limitless supply of energy, promising a stable and sustainable energy supply to feed the ever growing demands of the modern day world. There are some negatives associated with this energy source; often these eclipse the undeniable gains obtained from nuclear energy. Below you will find 15 interesting Ph.D. thesis topics areas exploring the field.

  1. The role of nuclear energy in the future of the world’s energy systems: sustainability modelling, use case, policy, and regulation, etc.
  2. Multi-physics modelling of fluid dynamics, thermal mechanics and other features of new nuclear reactor systems.
  3. Small-medium sized reactors (SMRs): application, numerical modelling, reactivity analysis, development and deployment, safety analysis, etc.
  4. Molten Salt Reactors (MSR): the molten salt fast neutron reactor (MSFR) technology.
  5. Sea water desalination technologies using nuclear energy for improved waste heat harvesting, heat recovery systems, etc.
  6. Safety assessment and improvement of Molten Salt Reactors (MSR).
  7. Lead-cooled Fast Reactors (LFR): materials performance and corrosion control.
  8. Light Water Reactors: development of advanced water reactor types, optimization of the water reactor cycle, use of new fuel cycles e.g. Thorium, etc.
  9. Thorium fuel cycle and its deployment in reactors (heavy water reactors, light water reactors, molten salt reactors, fast neutron reactors, etc.). New research interest is in its use in accelerator driven systems.
  10. Accelerator driven nuclear energy systems: safety and kinetics, their use in thorium powered nuclear reactors and nuclear waste incinerators.
  11. Rationalization and alignment of various fuel cycle options instead of global world growth criteria: cost and economics, safety, waste and non-proliferation.
  12. Development of regulation and policy on nuclear energy deployment and nuclear waste recycling
  13. Spent nuclear fuel (SNF): advances in nuclear fuel recycling and repossessing, waste management systems, transportation, and storage, regulation and safety standards
  14. Fuel cycle performance and thermal mechanics: analysis of the performance of new fuel and new cladding materials to optimize generation IV reactors.
  15. Safety study of new and future integrated nuclear energy facilities: passive safety systems of reactors, development of risk approaches in the design of new facilities.

Nuclear energy important role in enhancing the energy balance of the world means more research will continue to focus on it. Many more research areas exist, and new ones are emerging every day.